BailFundApp Privacy Policy

Last Updated: November 18, 2021


The Community Justice Exchange, a fiscally sponsored project of The Tides Center, a registered 501(c)(3) ("CJE", "we", "us") provides the BailFundApp (the "BailFundApp"). The Community Justice Exchange develops, shares and experiments with tactical interventions, strategic organizing practices, and innovative organizing tools to end all forms of criminalization, incarceration, surveillance, supervision, and detention. We provide support to community-based organizations across the country that are experimenting with bottom-up interventions that contest the current operation and function of the criminal legal and immigration detention systems. CJE produces tools and resources for organizers to creatively tackle multiple drivers of criminalization and incarceration— including, but not limited to, money bail, court fees and fines, probation and parole, pretrial detention & supervision, and immigration detention & supervision. Through the BailFundApp, we seek to automate key internal workflows and internal reporting to help bail fund organizations reach operational efficiency, so that more focus can be placed on important movement organizing work to drive systemic change. The BailFundApp is available to bail fund staff, and volunteers ("Customers") and to members of the community, legal professionals, or other individuals who submit information about prospective clients ("Referrers"). The BailFundApp includes information about individuals who are candidates for receiving assistance from a bail fund or who have already received that assistance ("Clients"). This Privacy Policy applies to Customers, Referrers, and Clients -- as well as anyone who visits the BailFundApp login page, whether or not they log in.

To provide the BailFundApp, we use certain personal data about Customers, Referrers, and Clients. We also collect certain information from anyone who visits the BailFundApp login page and doesn't log in. This Privacy Policy describes the information we collect and how we use it and share it in order to provide the BailFundApp. If you disagree with the collection, use or sharing of personal data described in this policy, you should not use the BailFundApp or submit information to it.

1. Personal Information we Collect

We collect a variety of information about Customers, Referrers, and Clients, and we do so in a few different ways:

1.1 From Customers

We collect the following information from Customers when they provide it to us directly:

1.2 From Browsers or Devices

When any website is accessed, certain information gets created and logged automatically. The same is true of the BailFundApp. Here's what we collect from Customers, Referrers, and individuals who visit our login page but don't log in:

As explained below in Section 2, we use this information to ensure successful operation of the BailFundApp as well as to discover and develop features and functionality for the BailFundApp..

1.3 From Others

The data we process contains personal information about Clients and Referrers. That information includes:

We get Client and Referrer information from:

2. Use of Data

We don't sell data, including Customers', Referrers', and Clients' data. The BailFundApp does not have any advertisements for third-party services or products.

2.1 Operating the BailFundApp

We use the information we collect about Customers, Referrers, and Clients to the BailFundApp. Specifically, we use that information to:

We may also use that information to discover and develop features for Partner Bail Funds which include:

2.2 Research and Development

We use information of Customers, Referrers and Clients to discover and develop features to improve the BailFundApp. Ways we do this include:

In the event we share the results of our research, all information about Customers, Referrers, and Clients will be aggregated so that, to the extent possible, the data will not be identifiable as belonging to any individual.

2.3 Email Updates

We will send Customers updates about the BailFundApp using the contact information they provided us when they registered. Customers may opt out of certain emails ("Marketing Emails") in their account settings or in the emails themselves. However, we will still need to email Customers in some instances ("Transactional Emails") to alert them of critical updates related to the successful operation of the BailFundApp. Customers may not unsubscribe or opt out of Transactional Emails.

3. Sharing Data

The subsections below describe the ways in which we share personal information.

3.1 Through the BailFundApp

All information about Clients and Referrers, as well as Customer profile information, is accessible to the Community Justice Exchange, a project of the Tides Center, a registered 501(c)(3), the organization that holds the National Bail Fund Network, which includes our Partner Bail Funds. Customers using the BailFundApp in connection with one particular Partner Bail Fund can only access the data submitted to or provided by that Partner Bail Fund. For clarity, Customers cannot access information submitted to a Partner Bail Fund to which they are not affiliated.

3.2 Advertising

The BailFundApp does not include any advertising for third-party products and services.

3.3 Our Third-Party Service Providers

We rely on third-party service providers to make the BailFundApp available and accessible to Customers. Some of these service providers, such as analytics providers, may have access to Customers' and Referrers' personal data.

3.4 Reorganization, Sale or Merger

We may share the information we collect in connection with a merger, reorganization, or sale of all or a portion of our organization or assets related to the BailFundApp. We will always let Customers know before something like this happens, and they will always have the opportunity to delete their account.

4. Choices and Rights over Personal Data

4.1 Controls

Our goal is to give Customers simple and meaningful choices regarding their information. For example, Customers may close their account at any time by contacting us at Customers also have choices available to them through the device they use to access the BailFundApp. For example, a Customer's browser may let them control cookies and other types of local data storage.

4.2 Rights

We provide Customers, Referrers and Clients certain rights with respect to the personal data we have about them. Specifically, they can ask us to:

Customers, Referrers, and Clients may contact us at if they have questions or would like to exercise any rights they have under applicable law to control their personal data. If a Customer, Referrer, or Client wishes to raise a concern about our use of their information (and without prejudice to any other rights they may have), they have the right to do so with their local supervisory authority.

5. Retention and Deletion

We keep Customer, Referrer, and Client information for as long as needed to successfully operate the BailFundApp, subject to applicable law.

We de-identify information in the above circumstances except where it is reasonably necessary to keep it to meet our legal obligations or comply with law enforcement requests, resolve disputes, maintain the security of the BailFundApp, prevent fraud and abuse of the BailFundApp, enforce our agreements with Customers, or fulfill Customer request to unsubscribe from Marketing Emails from us.

5. Other Important Information

5.1 Security

We implement security safeguards designed to protect personal data. Despite these efforts, we cannot guarantee that personal data may not be accessed, disclosed, altered, or destroyed by a breach of any of our physical, technical, or administrative safeguards. Customers should notify us immediately at if they suspect their account has been compromised or are aware of any other security issues relating to the BailFundApp.

5.2 Changes to this Privacy Policy

We may modify this Privacy Policy from time to time. If we make material changes to it, we'll provide Customers and Referrers notice through the BailFundApp to give them the opportunity to review the changes before they become effective. If a Customer or Referrer objects to any changes, they may stop using or accessing the BailFundApp. The continued use of the BailFundApp by a Customer or Referrer after we publish a notice about changes to our Privacy Policy means that they acknowledge the updated policy following the date those changes take effect.

5.3 Direct Marketing and Do Not Track Signals

We don't currently share personal data with third parties for their direct marketing purposes, nor do we currently support any "do not track" signals or related opt-outs.

5.4 Contact Us

If you have questions or complaints regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact us at